Woah! Cool Idea.

Not saying you or me are old. Actually far from. Buuut, you know, in IT terms everybody above the age of 21 is a senile freak. Let’s own it, put on our reading glasses and hearing aids and watch some of the much needed educational videos of this fine channel for the elderly.

For example some sound tricks and tipps you can use in your favourite distro and favourite desktop environment:

How to tips on the panel sound icon plus other sound settings tips for the Linux mint 21.1 Cinnamon desktop. Best viewed on large screen. Filmed in 4K.

0:00 – Intro Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon Sound tips
0:40 – System Information
1:27 – System settings Sound
2:26 – Warning tip on over amplification
3:44 – The Sound Icon on Panel bar
4:00 – Extra tip on volume control
4:21 – Tips on Right click on Sound icon on Panel
4:36 – Configure Sound Icon
4:48 – Example of Music Player interaction
5:32 – Reconfigure Music player interaction with Music Icon
6:10 – Example of hidden volume tip
6:42 – Option on sound icon
7:00 – How to move the sound icon on panel
8:30 – Recap of sound icon
9:20 – Subscribe to Linux for Seniors

If the voice sounds weirdly familiar, it’s our old friend Thor’s new channel.

Ok, now my fellow geysers and grannies, let’s delve right into old-timey computing for old-timey peeps. And let’s show those smartphone wielding know-nothing youngsters how adults do all the exciting stuff those millenial weaklings will never be able to even comprehend. 😉

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