RL Sailing

Sorry, I forgot to report about real life sailing events lately. But today Imma gonna try to catch y’all up with the latest developments in the Ocean Race.

Fight to the Finish – On board Malizia

“It’s borderline …..between amazing fun & absolutely terrifying “ says Team Malizia crew member and co-skipper Will Harris as the team lock horns in a dog fight to the finish of this epic 12,000 nautical mile leg in The Ocean Race. Here’s a taste of what life’s like aboard Boris Herrmann’s German IMOCA as they keep their foot flat to the floor in their bid to win Leg 3

And sorry but not sorry about ignoring the America’s Cup completely. It was honestly always just a show off, a duel between super richy riches and turned into total sillyness in its recent incarnations I hope you can forgive me. I kinda know that real sailing fanatics don’t give a flying wet towel about the AC anyway.

And the Ocean Race is much more exciting and real racing anyway.

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