France in Flames

You’ve seen the “French Revolution 2.0” but only as funny cartoon. Coz that shit can’t ever happen and doesn’t happen. If the country were in flames our mainstream media surely would report about it, no?

Police and firefighters. They’re all paid by the same state. 😮 But no worries, we’ve seen entire police squadrons put down their helmets and batons, following the firemen’s good example and join the protesters. Why? Because people are inherently good and don’t want any part of America’s war!

And mass media is inherently owned by evil old capitalists and won’t show us what happens. 😦

The video is called “Angry Fire”, jfyi. OTOH are Frenchies not animals and won’t let their burning country get in the way of cultivated conversation and a bon vin rouge at the local bistro.

Meanwhile in Russia:

Globally every pilot knows not to consume alcoholic beverages 24 hours before a flight. In mother Russia they slightly altered that law to 24 secs. Nastrovye!

So much for fearless. 😐

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