90 Minutes on a Stairmaster

No, not talking about Orca in the gym, she’d never do such silly stuff, but about what to expect when visiting the fair city at the fairest cape of them all:

Olivia and Nathan here! Table Mountain hike and Lion’s Head hike were definitely highlights of our things to do in Cape Town, South Africa! The views were INSANE and the VIBE of all the fellow hikers we met along the way was EPIC! Couldn’t be more stoked about choosing Platteklip Gorge to upper cable station and to have chosen to take the table mountain aerial cableway on the way down. By no means would I classify these hikes as easy, they should be taken at your own pace and definitely with plenty of water, sunscreen and snacks! Early mornings and late afternoon are cooler to avoid the heat!

0:00 – Lion’s Head Hike
7:42 – Table Mountain Hike

I once did the Lion’s Head hike, like back in 2000, with a group of other German party people, when I was younger and not as fit as I am now and a heavy smoker. And it nearly killed me. 😮 After that I decided that walking and hiking is not for me and I should stay a petrolhead. 😉


  1. Wow! That is one hell of a hike up Table mountain. I like hiking but dam…. With those chains and ladders, I don’t think I would do that. Beautiful hike though.

    I lose my breath going up a flight of stairs, I’ve been like that since I was a kid.

    I’ve done viewing tower climbs including a church that has 175 stairs straight up, even a spiral staircase section and that was rough the first time I did it. Not so bad the next time.

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    • “that was rough the first time I did it. Not so bad the next time.”

      That’s an old truth about almost everything in life; Hard the first time, easy peasy after that. Remember the first time you had to scribble your own name? And today you give autographs like rock star. First time installing Linux was kinda, not as hard as installing Windows but unfamiliar and confusing. These days I install most systems inside of 10 minutes.

      Still feel no need to hike up that mountain, or any other hump in the landscape, ever again. Not if there’s a cabin lift going up n down like every 20 minutes or so. 😉 And that thing even rotates, so you get all the views without moving your body. Cape Town is a good destination also for lazy mofos. =^.^=

      “a church that has 175 stairs straight up”
      A church in my hometown has 452 stairs up the tower. Stupid me did the climb. Once. Never again!!!



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