“This is why the rest of the world cannot have nice things”

The fuk?
Wot the …
Worried, you should be deeply? Yes, coz you no good Jedi!
Caitlin asks the right questions!

Just a question for y’allz: In the last couple weeks and days have you noticed how quiet the Ukraine supporters have become? Now that the truth slowly emerges and not even the most Pro-NATO/Ukro/USA supporters can ignore it any longer, the tide is turning. Even in the collective west. I sometimes get the feeling there is only the govts and the media in favour of the inevitable WW3. 😐

Frens, please don’t let them succeed with their sinister plans. They don’t have your best interest at heart, they’ve dug a hole so deep for themselves and us, the only way they know how to react to the new reality is by digging ever deeper. Let’s help them to get out of the hole by no longer voting for any party that supports the war effort. Get in the streets, protest, fight for your lives!

I dunno about you but I want peace.

We don’t have to agree about Russia and China, about Ukraine and Taiwan but, honestly, are you willing to sacrifice your very life just to “support” those countries? Even if the USA doesn’t want Ukraine to survive the war. The whole thing was never planned with an intact Ukraine in mind. Quite the contrary, the land after the war is already parceled off for private owners, for example Microsoft.

Don’t believe me? Here ya go:

Chinese President Xi Jinping completed his first day of visits in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two leaders seem to be getting along swimmingly, with the West watching closely. The U.S. has begun ramping up accusations that China is considering sending lethal weapons to Russia although National Security spokesperson John Kirby admitted that “the U.S. has no evidence China has done so.” China and Russia are continuously warning about NATO aggression and NATO is giving them reason to by signaling that they will amass 300,000 troops along Russia’s borders.

I want peace! FFS, I wanna live! You too?

Biden is the Vader of the Axis of Evil!
Soon. Very soon we will have nice things!


  1. that sound of silence you’re hearing is russia slithering away from bakhmut in defeat. are you ever right about anything? you might consider replacing the comment area with another widget.

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  2. Ugh AnonyKarmi, the reason it went quiet in Bakhmut is because that nut is cracked and Wagner is focusing on the next target already. Don’t you ever listen to any news? The last couple nests of resistance are gonna be dealt with by regular Donbass Militia, Chechen and Russian troops. Cleaning up is not a sexy job so we wont hear much about it.
    Also you seem to forget the Russians aren’t fighting for territory, so they don’t care about declaring any city or town as liberated. As soon as the enemy’s out they concentrate on more pressing matters.

    Here, even the very very propagandistic govt media Deutsche Welle reports that Russia’s focus has shifted:

    Am I ever right about anything? Karmi, we both have access to the same sources but since you seem to rely on Breitbart and other self-acclaimed misinfomation channels, while I tend to stay away from mainstream and state-owned media, you might not be totally up to speed with current events.


  3. i use open source intel sites which are accurate. you do know what open source research is, don’t you? russia has lost it all in ukraine and ukraine’s counteroffensive hasn’t even started yet.

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    • Do I know what open source research is? Never even heard the term until I researched it and found out I’m using it since years and years. But my sources paint a completely different picture than yours. Please tell my where you found the info about Russia losing it all. Curious to learn about that super open source. 😉


  4. Never even heard the term until I researched it and found out I’m using it since years and years.

    baloney! post one or three that you are using…I dare you. sites that use that use open-source intelligence are part of a community, so it is easy to tell which ones use open source research. I’ll wait…

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    • I obviously don’t understand your definition of Open Source research. You mean I read open source websites? that’s nonsense and I don’t know of anybody open sourcing their own writings on their own website. Coz that won’t work.
      And I wouldn’t trust any stats from such an open source site neither.
      I only post facts that are accessible by everybody. Putin’s and Biden’s speeches, Nuland’s plans. Graphics of the front in Donbass. No wild conspiracy theories! And strictly no far right capitalist rubbish!

      My main YT infos:

      Brian Berletic uses the graphics of a hardliner pro-Ukraine site … still doesn’t look good for Ukro military.

      Alex and Alexander are well-informed and sharp analysts.

      Clayton Morris went from Saulus to Paulus

      M.K. Bhadrakumar is one of the all-time greats of geopolitical diplomacy.

      Bernhard is German but the site is in English.

      Caitlin is my girl!











      Plus a bunch of Tweets, just for shitz n giggelz.


      • none of those sites are free and open-source intelligence or open source research sites, they are sheeple or worse sites. btw, breitbart news isn’t open-source either. free and open source research is fairly new and has “come of age” in recent years. “It is a welcome threat to malefactors and governments with something to hide” — russia gets exposed all the time by these free and open-source sites. people from all over, in all types of fields, add to the steady “openness and freedom” flow of accurate information. they use pics from satellites (which were hard to get not long ago), they use the “information space” (e.g. russian milbloggers, russian troops and russians talking on phones, etc.), and they don’t print something unless it is backed up by provable free and open source research. twitter?!? musk shows how twitter has been used by you progressives…

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        • ““It is a welcome threat to malefactors and governments with something to hide” ”
          So, why is the USA still in existence?

          “russia gets exposed all the time by these free and open-source sites.”
          Doesn’t stop them from doing the right thing, does it?

          ““openness and freedom” flow of accurate information.”
          Lies, fabrications and pipe dreams … and, let me guess, mostly US centric and painting America in a positive light.

          “provable free and open source research.”
          Which is a contradiction in itself. No trust in that.

          “twitter?!? musk shows how twitter has been used by you progressives…”
          I’m not a progressive, as a democratic socialist I’m as traditional af. I don’t use Twitter, and I don’t have a clue about the progressiveness of any Twitter user. I don’t put human minds into such primitive drawers. Also all of the ppl on Twitter that I read, where there long before Musk came about. Some of them partially blocked and reinstated and banned again n shit.

          Just watched a video with Peter Zeihan. Considering how much rubbish he talks he must be one of your favourites. And he disseminates his trash even in books. 😮 But I watched the whole hurtful interview since I’m open and tolerant.


            • FOSS follows a completely different rule set than your fukked up Open Source information crap. Everybody can alter Linux and create their own spin, but they can’t use the same name. Ubuntu is Ubuntu, better Ubuntus are called Xubuntu, Kubuntu or Mint. More smarter/different Arch Linux can’t call itself Arch but goes by the name EndeavourOS or Manjaro and many others.

              Why? Because even FOSS uses a license model!


              Regarding Open Source Intelligence, it’s mambo-jumbo to hide propaganda, using the term open source in order to appear as neutral. Nothing but fashionable nonsense! You can’t open source information, there is only one truth.


              Read and weep. 😐


                • Fortunately neither you nor me are progressives. Or did you ever see me quoting/linking to a mass media article? Which means, well, I am a progressive, but not in your warped American sense, so not a progressive. Not for you.
                  Facts don’t confuse me. But they seem to enrage you. 😦


                  • 🙂 thanks for proving my point…again. reread what you just wrote — you’re so confused that you say you are not a progressive, then paused ‘n decided you are a progressive, then another pause before stating you’re not like american progressives. WOW!?! btw, the common thread amongst all progressives is the hatred — progressives must have at least one thang to hate.

                    i’ll go, before confusing you even more…

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                    • You better reread what I wrote! I wrote that I am as a Democratic Socialist, progressive in the truest meaning of the word. NOT in the silly out-of-whack American definition. In your mind all the stupid woke idots are progressives, no? See, I’m not one of those, can’t care less. I’m a progressive in the political sense only, left of the left wing of social democrats, and faaaaaaaaaaar left of the greens. Not a lifestyle leftist.
                      GET IT!


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