Time for South Africa to Grow a Pair!

Readered the article? Ok, then you know SA’s precarious situation. On one hand it’s a member of the ICC and has the duty to arrest Putin on arrival and deliver to Den Haag. BUUUT otoh everybody knows how Eurocentric the ISS is and nothing but Washington’s handpuppet. We know also that Putin/Russia didn’t do anything that even comes close to an invasion. Heck, we don’t even know what they’re gonna do once the Donbass is liberated. Maybe they are stupid as so often before, engage in negotiations and stop … only to be fuked over again. Up until now they haven’t learned anything from the North American Indians, have they?

But anyway, back to SA’s problem: On paper they must do what the ICC wants but on their conscience they can’t do that.

In my view this isn’t even a moral dilemma.

Russia was standing by the black activists during the apartheid years, and after the ANC and Mandela took over they’ve always been the bestest of buddies. Aaaand SA is a proud member of BRICS, an organisation working on slowly replacing oldfashioned unilateral institutions like the ICC. After the BRICS summit in SA the world will again have changed to the better and maybe the BRICS nations will come up with a more fair version of the ICC. And maybe with two more member states. 😉

No idea.

I only know you can’t have a BRICS summit without Putin.

You can’t arrest your beloved big brother on behalf of a rogue USA.

EU/USA in all their egomaniacal glory is going down very rapidly. They are outgunned and out-economized by Russia/China.

BRICS is growing stronger and draws more and more member states.

BRICS represents 3.2 billion people – a multitude of the Western bubble – so I don’t think SA has to follow its obligation towards the American empire and arrest Putin.

It would be stupid to do so!

Your opinions go, as always, in the comment section below this writeup. This blog is fair, so I will even show anonymous and stupid attacks n shit. Let everybody see if you have an ass in your pants … or not. 😉

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