The Battle of the Linux Titans: Zorin OS 16.2 Vs Pop OS 22.04 | Which is the ULTIMATE Distro? (2023)

Indians. Why must they always be so obvious … and dramatic. And easily distracted by good looks?

Zorin OS and Pop OS are two phenomenal Linux distributions. Both are modern distros, doing a lot of innovation and providing remarkable computing experience to their users. Zorin and Pop OS both are based on Ubuntu. But the similarities start and end right there, as both of these bring their own unique desktops, downright stunning features, and provide unparalleled computing experiences to their users.

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Let’s take a closer look and see how they compare against each other in terms of speed, performance, user interface, stability, and software support. And finally, see Which one of these two is the best? Which one is more suitable for You? Zorin OS or Pop OS. Let’s jump right in.

If you go on like this, brother, I’ll see to India’s removal from BRICS! 😐

Come on, what is this really? What have we here? Two Ubuntu-based distros with some additional ideas, but also with all the negatives of momma Ubuntu.

Neither of them is a Titan nor the Ultimate!

I find both of ’em rather inconsequential and out of place, out of time.

People, if you really wanna stick with Ubu (the fuk why?) then please be reasonable and use Mint.

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