Not a Day Goes By

… without awesome news from the multipolar world:

So true! 😐
That’s all they have to report on??? Really?
Why new vision? Factually is China the world’s mostest superduperpower numero uno since quite some years.
See how it’s done?
They just do it!
I say it since years, China is more democratic than most Western countries.
Peace? Was never an option.
Yes, very different! China is on the right side of history.
Medea Benjamin is our hero!
Imagine that, Washington?
Capricious? EGOMANIACAL!!!!
Ma Boi!
Not ma boi!
Wasn’t it usually the Russians, performing with dancing bears?
Now even the Mexicans becoming unruly! 😮 The next BRICS candidate?
Good man, brave man.
We all have so many questions. 😐
I have no clue about these things but as far as tanks go this one looks rather sexy, no? Kinda Millenium Falcon. 😉
A sexless marrriage And still thousand times better than most.
\o/ YAY! \o/
My man!

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