Second Life Destinations – Charm City Roleplay

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Charm City is an RPG destination in Second Life with a unique near-future backstory: Aliens invaded the city of Baltimore in the year 2027.

Two warring races, the Andavri, and the Fenyang, in pursuit of the ultimate weapon, set their site on planet earth’s inhabitants, the primitive human race. But the plan to mass-inject them with a gene that would create superpowered soldier slaves went horribly awry.

In short: technology brought by the aliens has changed America as we know it, specifically the state of Maryland, and superheroes with unique powers abound. Want to be one of them?

Now’s the time: download, fill out, and submit your character sheet and you are off to the races!

Video Production by @Draxtor Despres

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Downloading and filling out my own character sheet? That means I must even create my own character. Wow, they’re asking a lot from today’s unimaginative, non-involved youth. 😐

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