National Shutdown in South Africa

Ya, it’s today and I’ve decided not to drive to the gym today. Will maybe get out later to the nearest store and get some foodstuff but mostly stay indoors. Weather is shitty anyway, so no big loss.

Projection: Everybody does it. 😐
I hope the drivers will get a fat danger extra payment.
I’ve heard protests already started hours before official starting time.
The media only knows one topic today. And if the weather was nicer the protests would probably have more impact.
Typical govt move: Unhappy people – sic army on them!
Not a good day to go to work … or anywhere really. 😦


    • Oh yes. Rather unappealing. But they don’t do it anymore … or at least not very often. You gotta be a psychopathic child murderer (or suspected to be one) to get that special treatment. Just riding a public bus today … they’ll let you live when they stop the bus. And they’ll give you enough time to get off before they set that thing on fire.
      Up to now I’ve only heard about burning tyres, no big protest marches, no dead and wounded peeps yet. Malema’s EFF obvsly doesn’t have as many friends and supporters as they thought. At least not here in Cape Town.
      In our complex whatsapp group people are joking about the nice long weekend.


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