This is the most exciting positive video I’ve seen in a loooong time!

Amazing Invention- This Drone Will Change Everything

These folks engineering a much better way to deliver your basically anything. If you want to engineer your own creations with me every month, just head to where you can get 2 boxes FREE!

Again, this was not sponsored in anyway nor did they pay for any of my travel or accommodations but if you want to learn more about Zipline here is their website-

What we also learned in that video was that globally shunned shithole country Rwanda’s economy is growing at 4x the rate of the US and their crime rate is 15x less.


  1. What is your point? Rinaudo Cliffton is an American and Zipline is an American medical product delivery company headquartered in South San Francisco. Americans and America help other people and other countries all the time.

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    • I have no point, didn’t make one. I was just astonished that a) such a thing exists and b) how positively well shithole Rwanda is doing.

      Yes, I knew it was American made, and then obvlsy being sold to third parties. But the video maker chose Rwanda to show the product in action. Had he used any other location I’d mentioned that one. Do you know if it’s being used in the US? I imagine it could be complicated since there’s a lot of air traffic in America, and flying drones is prohibited in huge parts of the states.


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