The Last Kernel Didn’t Last Long

… did it?

Remember just 3 days ago, on Thursday, we spoiled Manjaro users were treated to the then-new Kernel 6.1.19. And at the same time I noticed we could also directly update to Kernel 6.2.6-1 …. which has already been replaced by today’s update! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I also got a new Nvidia driver but with an old GTX770 who tf cares about stuff like that.

Debian users might now look at us snobbishly but we Archies, we have long lost all feelings of shame and modesty, and instead love being showered in updates and always the newest, shiniest code available in the computer world. Still a bit weird that 6.2.6 was replaced so quickly. Somebody must’ve messed up in some geekish aspect methinks. And in typical Linux manner, with thousands of pairs of eyeballs on the code and armies of beta-testers, I guess the error was remedied as fast as it popped up and everything’s cool again. Comparatively in Windows and Mac you gotta live with bugs for months, sometimes years.

But not only Win/Mac users, all you Minty people as well, y’all should think about switching to Manjaro. Level up, people! And from there to Endeavour or vanilla Arch and … the sky’s the limit! ๐Ÿ™‚

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