Corona Diary: Day 1082

Hubby just informed me that even fuxn slowpoke Germany has lifted all travel restrictions, our health minister has finally given up talkin’ shite, and so, when we fly over there in late April, we don’t have to go in quarantine, we don’t need to get vaxxed or b00sted and we will be treated just like normal peepelz.

Of course, as I predicted right at the beginning of the pandemic, the world will be a different one when this is over. And it is indeed. Our computer store close by the hotel has closed, the fish take-away where we always got our Herring rolls is closed as well, and the Döner Kebab take-away at the bus station has probably doubled the prices. And that was the only positive, the only reason for us to be not totally sorry we had to go on the trip: Cheap PC spare parts, yummy matjes rolls and lekker Döner. What are we gonna eat now?

But at least I guess with the last press conference by Phizer we can close this diary for good and go on with our troubled lives, eh?

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