Shovels and Yachts


Okayyyyyy … let’s go to work:

That’s no shovel. Let’s call a spade a spade. And in WWII it was good enough to defeat Hitler’s fascists.
That’s elegant on many levels. Lie to your ally by blaming another ally for your wrongdoing. At the same time prepare for divorcing the blamed ally. Not bad evil masterminding for an octogenarian.
“Definitely a Ukrainian passport!”
The Poles maybe?
Hmmm. So who was it? The plot thickens …
Germans are always sooooo slooooooow…
Yes. All evidence points at Ukraine. Haven’t we learned already weeks ago they are technically not able to stem such a huge act of sabotage?

Sounds plausible.
Oh. Okay, that pro-Ukro group!
That’s really EVIL!
I just think Sy Hersh is too old for his job. The narrative slipped through his wrinkly fingers.

And a short word about Georgia:

Be shithole country = USA loves you long time!

Meanwhile on the ground in Donbass, were the real fight is about to culminate:

Maybe they’re already done with it. The ball is in Russia’s field now, let’s see what they gonna do.

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