This is the Way!

Look, my desktop:

Mando season 3 has started! In order to celebrate this fact even lazy beech me has redecorated her desktop. I hope you did to. 😐 Or are you a Mandalorian no more?

I mean, ok, it’s not the bestest of tv evarr but the best Disney’s Star Wars live action has to offer us in a long while. After the half-baked Boba Fett, the Obi-Wan embarrassment and the too adult and slow Andor, this is classical Star Wars again. A Clint-Eastwood style western in Space. Quiet anti-hero meets – and shoots – a bunch of quirky characters while protecting a silly toddler.

Simple premise, perfect!


  1. A Clint-Eastwood style western in Space.

    A “western” wid people in 800+++ AD knights armor?! PUUULLEEeaassseeee β€” for any ‘Thang close to legend Clint Eastwood you’ll have to see the 1883 series or maybe catch Bass Reeves series when it comes out. Both by Western expert & writer Taylor Sheridan.

    Isabel May as Elsa Dutton in 1883 was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! Noβ€”she was even better than that…

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    • I meant the overall atmo and Mando’s way of carrying himself reminding me of Clint Eastwood, not any specific writing or direction style.
      800+++ AD? What that sposed to mean 800000 AD? Star Wars plays a loooong time ago is all I mean. And first Lucas, now his successors are freely borrowing from various cultures of planet Earf’s history. And the Mandalorian is closest to the classical Western and Kurosawa movies, while Andor was more dystopian scifi.

      Please tell me more about the 1883 series, is it new or old?

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      • A space aged Knight, dressed in Earth’s Middle Age armor, running around protecting a wee wittle teeny tiny green baby wid big pointy ears seems too much like a chick’s flick for me right now. Maybe in the future β€” when I can buy a 3-4 season DVD set for $15-20 on sale. 🀑

        1883 must be seen to believe how good it is. I have only seen the first season so far, on Blu ray disk. Isabel May as Elsa Dutton seems to be main character in S1, but all the actors ‘n actresses were excellent, IMHO.

        I did a brief review at Linux Newbie β€” “1883 – a Yellowstone Origin Story, from Paramount+, by Taylor Sheridan” β€” wid some pics, and also linked to it from new KM&T blog > Entertainment > TV Series.

        I still get chill bumps thinking about Isabel May acting of the Elsa Dutton part…

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