Second Life Destinations – Wild Pack Space Adventure Amusement Park

Amusement parks are for the bored bourgeoisie. 😐

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The future is waiting for you! This full-region amusement park offers the visitor an immersive trip into space. Float through a galaxy at zero gravity, experience adrenaline-producing rides, race a light cycle, land on planet Azura, and take part in Robot Smackdown.

Creator Zentarra shares the inspiration for this park:
β€œIt started years ago, my soulmate Reingard and I had our own private sim with many levels, two of which were an amusement park. We also had an incredible spaceport, which he had built in secret, not letting me look at it until it was finished.
It was amazing, I have never seen anything like it in SL.
Then we decided to decorate the amusement park for Halloween, and invited a small group of friends to it, they loved it and encouraged us to open it to the public, so the next year we went bigger, a bigger Halloween park, however, we had to take the spaceport down to free prims.
We built other themed parks and created the Wild Pack Park Group to let people know when our parks were open, each time having to take down the spaceport. So eventually we decided that we should do a space-themed park and keep the spaceport up as part of it.
In January 2023, we started building the space park together, when tragedy struck. Something that should have never happened, happened, and I had to finish the park alone.
Without β€œus” I needed a new focus. The park became that focus, and I needed to finish the dream we had both wanted.
I needed to create something never before seen in SL, just like we had been. So that is what I did, I created an incredible world, and I know that Reingard will return to place down the final piece, the spaceport. I left room for it on purpose.
Second Life to me is a place to live and love and bring your dreams to life. It allowed me to create a life with my soulmate Reingard that would never have been possible otherwise. If you can dream it you can build it in SL.”

Video Production by @Draxtor Despres

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