The World Right Now

Just a collection of meaniepooface sociopaths and gangsters:

Very practical, Janet, just open the money bin, give all your taxpayers’ money directly to the Nazis.
3 of those: The collective West, 1 an indebted client who will never be able to pay back.
And again, take from your own people, invest into a doomed geopolitical adventure.
He’s trying his level best.
Prime example of projecting. I guess Russia doesn’t even need foreign help as they are swimming in weapons and ammo!
Calling for sanctions on a totally independent and self-supporting country is the definition of insanity.
The “underdogs” banding together. And Europe gets nothing.
Reminds us of Stalingrad ca. Jan/Feb 1943: This is how professional musicians are doing their job. They take street by street, instead of doing a huge bombardement, NATO-style. Because there are people living in Bakhmut, long-suffering Russian-Ukro civilians.

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