Linux Mint 21.2 Proposals

Hey all you Minty boiz n grrlz.

Interesting video by Tom about the next version of your favourite Linux. I can’t say much about anything since I’m in a whole different Linuxverse but I guess there is a lot to talk about, learn and decide for the upcoming Mint version.

Today we look at what is coming up in the next release of Linux Mint, which is scheduled for June 2023.

#linux #linuxmint #cinnamon

And, yeah, Warpinator is a bit of a surprise for the whole Linux/Android commnunity. Hubby and me using it all the time to send shit back n forth between our machines. Another little wonder made by Clem and the Minty devs. And it really blew up and is used pretty much anywhere by now. So they had to implement some more security measures. That was kinda all I got from this video, for all the rest you’re the experts.

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