Putin cheers as Germans lay roses on blown-up Russian tank amid anti-West protest

My fellow Germans are predominantly good people. A shame we had to learn that from the Hindustan Times coz German propaganda media won’t ever show this.


Germany has erupted in anger against the West for arming Ukraine to fight Russia. Thousands of protesting Germans gathered at Moscow’s embassy in Berlin’s capital and offered flowers to a blown-up Russian tank. The T-72 tank appeared in central Berlin on Friday—the first anniversary of the conflict in Ukraine. Activists from The Berlin Story Bunker Museum had won a lengthy legal battle against city authorities to be able to carry out this stunt in front of the Russian Embassy. However, people in Berlin, who took to the streets in large numbers on Sunday to decry the supply of weapons to Kyiv, gave a different interpretation. Moscow’s embassy in Berlin mocked the West over a flower blanket on a Russian tank.

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Can we have some gas now, pleez?


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