1. ukraine has a much longer history than that. putin must have drawn that one up! the only date that actually matters now is 1991. blaming the west is ridiculous since the ukrainians have been fighting for their lives for a long time now and are on the verge of winning and then reclaiming their legal borders.

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    • “the only date that actually matters now is 1991.”
      Agreed. Too bad what happened before. Imagine you go to bed one evening, a more or less unhappy soviet citizen, and when you wake up in the morning you’re a fuxn Ukro! 😮 But you know you’re a Russian, it’s the language you speak, your whole family were Russians since the late stone age.
      But, ok, doesn’t matter much. Times they are a changing n stuff. So you roll with the punches. Time will tell how well your new govt is doing.

      “blaming the west is ridiculous”
      Ms Nuland is the personified West, isn’t she? And it’s her and her hubby, her bro in law and his wife, plus both Bidens I put the blame on. 100% guilty! The whole fate of Ukraine was sealed already in 2009 when in Washington they started to plan the whole operation. In 2014 they lifted a second rate comedian into presidency in Kiev and egged him on to put pressure on the Russian Ukrainians. Until they couldn’t take it no more and declared 2 independent republics. We all know how it went from then on. Donetsk and Lugansk militias defending their independence against the empire troops … and winning.

      And then in 2020 Kiev (a.k.a. Washington) planed a big offensive of the Donbass. Testing Russia’s patience. They couldn’t leave the Russians in the Don bassin alone, so they decided on a small scale Special Military Operation, just to support the Donetsk and Lugansk militias and save as many civilians outside of the new republics from Ukro fascist hooligans as possible.

      At the same time president Putin offered peace talks, and stayed open for negotiations. His offers were ignored or downright rejected by Washington’s puppet Zelensky. So the fighting went on, and even intensified. Not at Russia’s behest.

      And here we are. US, EU, NATO at the end of their wits, looking at the shambles of their own doing.

      “the ukrainians have been fighting for their lives for a long time now”
      Depends on which Ukrainians you’re talking about.
      I only know the Donbass Ukrainians are being shelled and fighting for their lives since 2014.

      “and are on the verge of winning and then reclaiming their legal borders.”
      Oh, Anon, you sweet summer child. Are you high or sumfink? Drank too much of the American koolaid? The collective West has made a survival of Ukraine in its current shape and size impossible. You must know Putin would’ve stopped as soon as the Donbass republics and Crimea were internationally acknowledged. Ukros could even have kept Odessa. Now it looks as if they will lose the whole Black Sea coast to Russia or a future construction (possibly under jurisdicton of the UN); huge parts of Ukraine will fall to Poland, Romania and Hungary.

      Everybody happy. Maybe not the Amerikans, but they be far away, have no iron in the fire and don’t count.

      Because that is most important, but always forgotten when the high and mighty are playing puzzle with the globe: There are people living there ffs!


      • that was a lot of hot air on your part. phew! 1991 is the official date of the sovereign territorial boundaries of Ukraine recognized by the UN and most all nations. “92% of the Ukrainian electorate” approved the move to an independent Ukraine in 1991. russia doesn’t have any rights on ukraine’s official territorial boundaries. russia has no right to tell ukraine what to do. russia is no longer allowed to expand the empire.


        • What in my reply was hot air?
          Your facts are well-known and acknowledged and recognized by Russia as well. So what gives?

          Russians inside Ukraine beeing treated like shit (on order of Washington) and fighting for their traditional Russian oblasts was just a logical consequence of Kiev’s shitfukkery. And Moscow even tried to stay out of the conflict for a while. But in February 2022 it just became unbearable. Ukraine planned a genocide and they had to intervene.

          “russia doesn’t have any rights on ukraine’s official territorial boundaries.”
          Same as USA has no rights on Iraq’s and Syria’s official territorial boundaries. And yet, here we are.

          “russia is no longer allowed to expand the empire.”
          What empire? Oh, the fantasy construct in your head?


          • have you ever seen a world map of russia? that is what empire building looks like and russia has been in the business of empire building for centuries. it has been expanding beyond its own borders for centuries. russian elites have believed for centuries that gathering your neighbors lands is the only way for russia to survive. that is all true to this day!


            • Lemme quickly quote you here:
              “that was a lot of hot air on your part.”
              M-hm. Yes, absofriggnlutely. Hot air, humbug, insignificant. Those were the Mongols and later the Czars. Commies made an end to it!
              All that is important now is a totally useless NATO that, instead of dissolving itself, is slowly crouching eastwards, swallowing country after country, threatening the whole world with their shit.
              Next victim is already in their sights: PRChina. USA has already the war plans figured out. Probably bolstered with some false flag events, same as they did in Ukraine. I’ve even heard dates around March 25, 2024 as start of the hostilities.


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