And Once Again

… Imma gonna bore you now with meaningless Linux shit. Just coz me’s so geeky. And a little bit cheeky. (Really, I’m neither. Just a curious kat.)

Marvel at this:

I know, I know, this is totally irrelevant and not of any importance or interest for you. Neither for me. But I feel kinda joy when diving into the inner machinations of the world’s dumbest charts. Coz when we look at the chart according to what’s trending in the past 7 days we see of the Top 10 ranked distros only Manjaro and Mint survived the new picking order.

As it so happens, both are my most face distros! Manjaro as my personal choice and Mint as my personal recommendation for you.

I feel kinda relieved now. For not being wrong when I chose those 2 distros. Really, peeps, Mint is all that. A beginners frenly Linux, that never claimed to be a beginner-distro. Quite contrary, there are many many very old and geeky Linuxperts using the Minty goodness.

Right now I’m busy writing a new and updated installation manual for everybody willing to make the swop, to switch to Linux. And the distro of choice is of course Linux Mint, just so you know. Even tho it’s Ubuntu based, you can’t ever go wrong with that thing. πŸ˜‰

And … have you noticed Manjo is kinda anchored on rank #4, in the last 6 mths standard view as well as in the past 7 days trend. That’s rock solid stability on a whole new level. πŸ˜‰

The sposedly so super duper rock solid stable and beloved MX (Debian) distro isn’t even close to the 7 days hotness.

There you have it, kidz. Linux is cool. And Manjo is the coolest. But Mint is the frenliest!

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