Russia, EU/Germany, America ‘n’ Stuff

Yes, Uschi it is absurd that a total loser like you is the de facto dictator of the EU right now. 😮
They must have some dirty dirty undergarments if they are soooo easily compromised. 😦
We all know whodunnit, but an official statement and logical consequences would be nice.
Even most Germans looking at Germany like that.
Why isn’t Clare the new ruling queen of the EU?

Okay, over to Russia:

The old problem with Russians: They are too stupid to know they’re losing – so they win. 😮

Ok, over to you, USA:

Not the Babushkas, it was the Extraterrestials!
Not the Chinks, it was the Extraterrestials!

US military and FBI not looking too intelligent. Compared to Germany they are still masterminds of evil!

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