Another Haul

Not from China Town this time but from Takealot. That’s kinda African version of Amazon, and their Cape Town warehouse is pretty close by. So we don’t let them deliver but we grab our orders directly. Which will save time since our place is obviously too hard to find for the poor stressed delivery drivers.

Anyhoo …

2 boxes for us today.
Put into our fancy beach waggon for the last 50 meters.
New hitec Power Cyclone vacuum cleaner. Is that like a vortex? Old one was deaded by our maid. She made so many kinks in the power cord, the cable broke in various places. We gifted it to her now, so her hubby can repair it.
Of course that thing is bagless! Looks like a 70’s space ship, no? Old one was by LG. I guess that’s American shit made in China. New one is by trusty Philips, Dutch shit made in China.
What’s in the fuckin’ second box? A 2-pack of “All Perspectives Induction Headlamps”. Huh? Yes, they are made in China. πŸ˜‰
These broad light beam type of lamps come with various brand names, mostly no name at all and are basically all the same … and all the rage in the headlamps scene.
They also feature a small spotlight and a fancy handwaving On/Off function. And I guess some more useless lightshowy stuff. There is no manual in the box. Their real strength is their light weight and wide beam, so they are perfect for early morning twilighty joggers as they lighten the whole path, not just a narrow bit. We bought a 2-pac for now, but will probably buy more. They are cheap and I’ll keep one in the house, one in the van … and one more in the gym bag, if only I had one more. It’s a hassle trying to open your padlock in the dimly lit locker rooms during loadshedding. Oh, well, can always use my old headlamp. πŸ˜‰

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