High Treason!

Frens, foes, everybody watch this:

The German chancellor just looks on as Biden declares war on the German people and economy. Even acts as if this was his idea. Doesn’t he know that the Nordstream consortium consists of 5 companies from Russia, Switzerland and Germany. Germany is even the biggest shareholder afaik, has 2 companies involved in the pipelines. I guess they are bankrupt by now … and America is happy! WTF???

And our chancellor, just smiles as our wurst enemy, Joe Biden very cooly announces the planned terror attack on the pipelines. Honest now, wouldn’t you expect the wannabe leader of your country to fight like a lion for your company, your thousands of employees and Germany’s future altogether?

But what did Olaf do?

You’ve seen it yourself.

What are the poor freezing, jobless, broke Germans supposed to do now?

I guess most of them have the one or other idea. 😐

And for our foreign minister:

Having fun, Annalena?

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