Keep Your D*mn AI Out Of Linux

Like every reasonable sentient person on the planet Troy of eBuzz Central hates ChatGPT. So I link to his latest video where he speaks for all of us.


A quick video covering all of the new ChatGPT integrations being worked on in the Linux community. Please just take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.

I know ChatGPT is all the rage now in blogging circles. So poor little lazy, unimaginative, untalented bloggers don’t need to write their own posts. WTF?

Really … WTactualF???

People, I promise you one thing. This blog might not be to your liking, my writing style too childish and silly, my opinions too commie, my posts not well researched and anyway, the whole content outside of your range of interests – but it is, always was and always will be handmade and cooked up by human brains. No matter if mine, Lucy’s, Becca’s or Trap’s. All original content in TSB!

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