Yummy Cookies, Evil Cookies

Guys, guys, guys! Here’s one thing your totally awesome and chic Linux system won’t help you with:

That IT guy looks a bit dodgy, no?

Sorry to admit it but if any dodgy looking IT worker claims they’re gonna delete your cookies, hit ’em over the noggin’ and kick ’em outta your house/office. You should know not all cookies are evil, many of them are quite helpful if you know what you’re doin’ and as long as you know what they are doing!

See, I’m an anti-capitalist Linux shill since 2013 and I know that many cookies fullfill no good deeds on your PC other than spying on you. 😦 Fortunately am I not surfing to any nefarious websites and relatively gladly accept cookies from friendly sites.


Coz they help me in daily life: For example don’t I have to fill in my Top Secret 4-letter password – which is absolutely not ocra – every time I wanna log into Second Life or work on my blog. Linden Lab and Automattic are, although fuxn stupid and ethically flexible, still on my good side and considered trustworthy by me. Hubby thinks I’m a fukked up industry shill and I think he must fuck the shut up! 😐

Anyhoo, I wouldn’t allow any human or piece of software to delete all my cookies. No matter if commercial or FOSS/Linux software. Just no.

No, not even Cookie Monster himfuxnself gets permit to delete my cookies!

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