Ukraine Collapses!

While professional acting president of Ukraine Zelensky plays to great applause in font of his international audience …
… and cozies up to the other self-imposing actors …
… and even finds some homo-erotic adventures ..
… at home amateur kidz are filling in for him. 😦
And the very few survivors, without amunition or food, sick, plagued by frostbites, wounded, refuse to even stand up. Because they can’t! They are too weak ffs! Completely defeated. That is what a collapsing army looks like, kidz. Gonzalo Lira predicted exactly such a scenario already months ago. The failures and losses are cascading up to a point where the whole house of cards collapses under its own weight. 😦

It’s so sad. These poor guys are not the nazis, no elite warriors but pressed into service, poorly trained, middle-aged men, workers, shop owners, farmers, fathers, uncles, gramps. And they don’t even care anymore if they’re shot by their own officers or destroyed by Russian grenades.

And the great friends in the West …

NATO and EU collapses as well. Only the German army seems to be able to deliver some outdated Leopards. But since Ukro soldiers are not trained they’d have to sent the tanker crews with their vehicles. Wouldn’t that make it a NATO action? 😮 Does anybody want that?

Scholz and Baerbock are not even on talking terms anymore, situation ain’t much better in any other EU countries. The looming crisis was brought to us by failed human garbage playing global politics but act out of spineless selfishness, and we all will suffer because of those aholes.

This war is factually over!

And the EU is over, and the USA as well. All is meaningless now.

The Russians, without doing anything out of the ordinary, have detected and laid bare ours, the collective West’s mistakes and errors and showed us ourselves in a mirror. We only had to stubbornly go on and fall into the trapdoor. 😦

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