Did You Know

… that Chinese have humour? At least they can troll with the wurst:

I say “Finders keepers”. Chinks can go and fuk themselves! Coz “Loosers Weepers.” And, come on, let Washington have a last success story before they go into the long dark night, comrades.

Indeed very cool trolls they are. πŸ˜‰

The internationally acclaimed troll collective Grannies for Putin comes up with their own version of the Ukraine story:

The hand of Washington directs German Leopard panzers into their doom on the Ukrainian battlefield. According to a Russian General “They all burn the same.”
And for all people in the collective West, a chart of the new and adjusted size of Ukraine, so we can get used to it.

For all of you who know what’s wot and what’s where, as you can see Russia took back Crimea since it’s always been Russia anyhoo, plus the Donbass Republics who wanted to go with Russia, and the landbridge to Crimea all the way down to traditional Russian city Odessa. All looks fair to me. The people living there like the new reality very much. The rest of Ukraine is not Russia’s concern, as long as they won’t try to do stupid stunts again and jump in bed with the mafia NATO.

I guess Poland will grab a fair chunk of land, and a smaller part will go to Hungary and Romania. This will be the new world order. Everybody happy. Well, except Wash D.C. maybe, but honestly …

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