Early Morning Linuxy Thoughts

… and I just notice it’s 09:12 a.m. already, so not really early morn’ anymore. My thoughts are circling around Linux nevertheless, my thoughts don’t care about the time of day.

Anyhoo, with this awkward introduction outta the way, I noticed on my daily patrol of the DistroWatch site that apart from featuring a kinda made-up, meaningless Top Hits charts, it also reveals some other, maybe more interesting fact.

First let’s have a peek, ok?

See, guys, MX, Mint and Pop are so-called static releases. Which means you download and install them and then you receive security updates … for a while, until the distro developers and retainers release a new version. Might happen every 6 months, might happen every 6 years, nobody cares. You install the new version and there you go again.

Kinda no wonder the aforementioned distros are way up in the charts, every 6 months they cause heightened traffic on the distro’s website when everybody goes there to grab the new version.

Now let’s look at Endeavour and Manjaro. They are rolling releases, based on ArchLinux. Of course they release new versions as well. For when you install them you wanna find a pretty recent version on your OS, and not one that is 10 years old and surprises you with an initial update that will take 2 years to download.

But once you have EOS or Manjo installed on your computer you kinda never ever meed to visit the project’s website again, don’t need to download anything, usually need no info that the distro-specific forum can’t solve as well.

Sooo, isn’t it a little wonder, doesn’t it speak for the quality of these distros that their websites get so much attention – from mostly new people, first-time installers? Shouldn’t they rank much much lower in the charts?

No and yes. No, it isn’t a wonder, yes, these distros are really all that great and interesting.

See, I’m a happy Manjaro user – and I never ever click on their website, don’t even frequent their snakepit forum. Same with EOS. As long as I was running it I never used their website but only their – really really nice – forum. Nevertheless does their homepage rank on #2!

That’s an indicator of quality for you.

And still … let’s put my insignificant head-games out of the way now and focus on YOU! You and your n00bie needs. Of course are Endeavour and Manjaro super duper distros made for super duper Linux fraggelz and ecksperts!

You are not one of them I assume. Your interest in, and knowledge about, computer shit fits inside the smallest box you can handle in your brain. Understandable. Perfectly normal. Still you know Windows is kinda shit. Microsoft forces you to buy new computers all the time, and you’ve read on Orca’s blawg that you don’t need to heed to the whims of one of the biggest corporations on the planet. You know something has to give, something has to change. Drastically!

So here’s your solution. Honestly and earnestly.

Try it out. See how far you get. Can you even get it on a USB stick, can you install it? And then? I guess somewhere in the pages of this here bloggo you find all the info you need. And if not – just ask!

Wishin’ you a Happy Start!

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