Snek Newness

In the following thread I learned we should be happy to have these sneks, as they make good pet food and are completely harmless when you’re not a vermin. I was also told no need whatsoever to call the snake charmers. Buuut forget about leaving the house barefoot for a while.

Note to self: Don’t be a hippie, wear shoes. :/


    • Cheryl is a neighbour in the complex but I don’t even have a face to the name. Altogether we must admit SAfricans, even the palest of the white, have a much more in-tune mindset with all things nature n shit. Most of them can tell you in the morning if it’ll rain later in the day.

      What you say also makes sense, since we had a large bushfire in the wetlands and along the riverbank just recently.

      All I know is that mall sneks and brown river sneks are very common hereabouts while Black Mambas are indigenous in the north-eastern parts of the country. You find them in and around Jo’burg and similar nonsense cities. πŸ˜‰


    • I treat all snakes equal and the only good ones are dead. Square point shovels or shotguns are great for killing them. “Non-poisonous” are “harmless” or “helpful” says the moron who never woke up with a snake slithering around their private areas. Hey the bite might not kill you but the heart attack might or the broken leg (obtained by trying to get out of the bed) might leave you with a limp for the rest of your life. Maybe someone is sleeping next to you and you accidentally break their jaw or poke out an eye trying to get out of the bed. “Oh” the “Non-poisonous” are “harmless” or “helpful” says the moron who never had a snake slither between the door and sill! The snake moron debates if the colourful snake is a non-poisonous scarlet snake or a scarlet kingsnake or the poisonous coral snake. Me? I put the square point shovel through an area behind the head and usually bury it where killed.

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      • We live in a civilised residential suburban area, not in redneck territory. Sorry, I usually have neither a spade nor a shotgun at the ready. Wouldn’t know how to use such a thing. Since the thing got away in the second I turned around to switch on then patio light, I guess she’d be even further gone in the time I needed to grab my gun fro the locked cabinet and load it. And if I tried to kill that little snek with a shovel I might’ve ruined one or two of the expensive anti-slip (yes, we’re spoiled like that) floor tiles. It’s not worth it.

        As I mentioned, SAfricans are very close to nature and treat their wild snakes almost like pets.

        Almost as in Australia, if we would kill every potentially dangerous creature here, we’d be shootin’ our guns all day and barely could do any other stuff. Oh, and all our gardeners and cleaning ladies would now be dead as well.


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