Sansar. Really?

Weren’t we all like “Pheew, we got away” when LL noticed the error in their way and deaded Project Sansar? Yes, we were. Did anybody care what happened to the shitty tech under the shitty product? Not so much, did we?

Anyway, some not too smart bizniz peeps obvsly bought the rubble and wanted to make something off it.

And were never heard of again.

Until today! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Did you receive this mail, too? Whaddaya think?

Fuk me crud!

“Crowdfunding will provide us with the capital …”

No, it fuxxing won’t!

Listen idiots, nobody ever claimed LL to be a smart company but they were, and still are, able, despite all their harebrained ideas, to keep the good old SL alive – and profitable enuff – to keep it up and develop it farther. And they were clever enuff to toss Sansar in the rubbish bin before it destroyed their core bizniz.

And now you bunch of nobodies try to show us again how the future of virtual worlds should look like? Our second lives are amazing, entertaining and stressful already without Sansar put on top of it. A revolution, no less! :/

Go away now! And don’t come back.

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