Linux is soooooo Boring. :(

And that’s great! ๐Ÿ™‚

DistroWatch today: Same old, same fantastic old!

Let them expert Linux geeks talk and be so veryvery smart and wage religious wars on other desktops and distros … we housewives have tested quite a handful, decided on the best for us personally and we’re sticking with it. For a while or forever or … fukdoiknow.

One thing is certain, or some things are certain in the vast Linuxverse: The whole Linux infrastructure is great, much better than Win, Mac or Chrome OS can ever be. And each of us end-users can carve their piece of the cake out, make it our own and engage in the warfare … or just ignore all the hububb and use our Linux as its supposed to be: Just an operating system for our computers.

Of course do I love Manjaro and also the Mate desktop environment. Of course. Else I’d use something different. I can explain why. But my reasons are not universal, they are my own very petty, personal reasons. It’s small stuff, not important stuff. Nobodys bizniz but mine. For the same reason Trap uses … hang on, I don’t even know what she uses. Probably something much better, much more professional than my pensioner’s setup. I know Becca’s also on Manjaro but on KDE Plasma desktop, which is also pretty much advanced – and far prettier – over my oldfashioned, outdated Mate shit.

But just look at today’s DistroWatch frontpage: No changes in the Top 10 distro ranking since, like, forever, only the usual announcements of new versions or sometimes new released distros. No revolutionary new developments and no talk about the fabled Year of the Linux Desktop either. Instead we see a lot of slowly grinding on evolution.

If you wanna switch to Linux you do it in 30 minutes today, don’t need to make it a multi-day project as it was like 10 years ago. I could raze this laptop now, completely delete everything and install a brandnew version … and be back posting in my blog inside of 20 minutes. Something that would never work with Microsoft Windows, jus’ sayin’.

The Linux world is consolidated and tight as shit! And, yes, boring if you wanna see it like that.


  1. There are like, a zillion and twelve Linuxes to choose from! So for me it’s kinda like deciding in advance what you want and need in your OS before you pick a distro and try it out on a LiveDVD or something. Bleeding edge but simple? Manjaro! Rock-stable but not so bleeding edge – and still simple? Mint or MX. Older, modest hardware? AntiX or something ultralight like that – even still comes in a 32-bit version!

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    • You summed it up perfectly, Robin. There is no need to make huge complicated decisions. As long as you know what you want, the number of applicable distros becomes rather small.

      Only problem for n00bies is – they don’t know! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Neither what they want nor what they need.

      That’s why I stopped giving multiple recommendations. I guess I know my clientele and their needs, so I recommend Mint. Pure and simple standard Mint, Ubuntu-based and with Cinnamon desktop. Nobody needs to even klikker through the website to find the MATE or Xfce desktops or the LMDE edition. Stock standard werkz fine, meets the needs of 99% of my readers.

      After they made their home in Mint and know the ropes of that environment in and out, they can branch out and experiment all they want. I encourage that behaviour, this is how my padawan Becca passed me by in the fast lane when she switched to Manjaro KDE! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kidz these days; they grow up so quickly. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Yes ma’am! Mint is surely the best for newbies who don’t even yet know what they really want or need. An ideal drop-in replacement for EvilOS. Mint is the bestest, most wonderfulest and awesomeful beginner’s distro in the history of ever. Peri-freaking-od.

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    • Zackerly, my man, and not only for beginners. I know of many hardened Linux pros who use Mint since the stone age and never wanna change. Like they say: “Shit just werkz!” ๐Ÿ™‚


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