Embarrassing Indeed! :/

And not just embarrassing but also awkward, senselessly tonedeaf and fukn stoopeet! See, that, that right there, that is the reason why nobody likes you. Everybody knows that you’re most probably living in one or the other country and nobody gives 2 shits about the when, where or why. As long as you’re happy, good for you. But why the mantra chant? You afraid you’d forget where you live if not repeating it all the time?

You-Ass-Eyy-You-Ass-Eyy-You-Ass-Eyy-You-Ass… YIKES! 😮

See, hubs and me, we’re living in two countries: One that is mostly good for us and one that we really like. Do we feel we need to break out in a chant at every non-occasion? Naw, we don’t. Coz we know how to behave in public and not be a fuxing obtrusive nuisance.

Yes, we know.

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