Past and Future

… of delivery services. This morning at the gym …

The past: Pizza delivery by 2-stroke rang-a-deng. 😦
The future: Clean and green and quiet with electric motor … which will turn out to be a total catastrophe for the environment pretty soon. 😦

In the middle, in between rang-a-deng and electrothingie: Petrol guzzling 56 y/o Oubaas who can’t do as much damage to the environment as those two mopeds already caused during their production. And for how long the Green Riders can keep going on paying Eskom’s bills after the 30% price hike is yet to be seen. :/

PS: Yes, I’m an antisocial Karen and parked in a disabled parking bay. I used hubby’s wheelchair permit, only today, since I was already a bit late. And, honestly, the number of disabled gym members trends towards zero anyway, so I’m not blocking a much coveted space. And on Monday I promise to behave like a civilized fair lady again, ok?

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