Win Users, Your Time is Running Out!

Didn’t MS say Win 10 would be the last Windows ever, only updating like a rolling Linux distro? And then Win 11 came out and rendered even reasonably new hardware useless. Now we know what Orca and other smart users are telling us since, like, 20 years: Microsoft is a scam!

And now they gonna end support for Win10 and you’ll be basically homeless. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Perfect time to switch to Linux!

Microsoft just announced that Windows 10 licences will stop going on sale Jan 31, 2023. They are pushing everyone to Windows 11 to collect more data and push more ads. Here we look at the issues and talk about why we might want to switch to Linux.


00:00 – No More Windows 10 Licences
03:55 – Windows 11 Privacy Nightmare
19:12 – Windows 11 Ads are Everywhere
28:35 – Just Switch to Linux

You know up to now I have been lenient with you guys. Particularly the gurlz amongst you since grrls are obviously much more stupiderer than bois. But I stop my leniency now! Everybody who’s not on Linux in, say, 1 hour from now, is not my fren no more. Capito?


People, go ask Trap, ask Lucy, ask Becca, ask Neil, a simple Linux Mint install is done in no time and will open the door to a brandnew world of kombjuden for you! And you don’t even need to join a fancy schmancy geeky forum, you’ll find help inside our comfy blog circle. Believe me, we all were n00bs once, I still consider myself a noobie, so we can and will help you without all the elitist shit.


PS: No problem getting the majority of you set up on a shiny new Linux today! Let’s open the Help Center right here and now. Start asking your questions in the comment section underneath this article:


  1. I do have 11 on 2 machines. One is getting changed to Linux. The other may well be used to virtualize windows.
    You’ve got to love Tin hat Tom.

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