Manjaro is the Only One!

Morning my frens. Today I checked the – completely useless as everybody knows – DistroWatch Ranking. As I do each morning so dilligently. But since there was no movement in the Top 5 since months, and I was bored out of my skull, I clicked on the Last 7 Days ranking, not the standard 6 months fare.

And …

See that? All bonafide no-names and famous geek stuff inside the Top 10. No, not all! One very famous distro made it into the ranks of fresh nobodies: Manjaro! Not MX, no EOS, no Mint and surely no Pop! Only Manjaro sticks out positively! Or does it just stick out like a sore thumb?

Does that mean Manjaro is the betterestest Linux distribution evarr?


And also Yes.

No coz there is no absolutely objectively bestest Linux distro in existence, and Yes coz, of course, for me individually and personally it is. The bestest thing since instant sliced baked potatoes in a tube. 😉

How Manjo could end up in the 7-day hotness ranks, where all its close frens failed to make an appearence, shall remain a riddle. But maybe, just maybe it’s also just a little nod to its overall quality? Hmmmm. 😐

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