Debian is 30 this year. Here’s why it’s still worth using.

Didn’t I just tell ya there is no bestest Linux distro available on this planet since it’s all so very individual? And this is the reason why Veronica loves Debian … for exactly the reasons I hate it for. 😐

Lookseewatchee widdioh:

Who is Debian good for? Boring old accountants and anal retentive sys admins.

Okay okay, Veronica is actually a sys admin so she’s indefinately wiser and more enlightened than me. Buuuut she also has a completely different requirements profile and what she seeks in a Linux distro might be totally wrong for me.

Pleez Veronica, lemme keep my sexy Manjaro, can I?

PS: In other words, you can wait the next 1,000 years before you hear any Debian recommendation from your stupid little editrix. I lauded Point Linux, Sparky and LMDE in this blog already. That’s all Debian can expect from me. And it should be enough.

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