Power to the People!

Genoeg is genoeg! Enough is enough!

And enough is what SAfricans have already. No, not electric power but enough of the incompetence and corruption in our state owned power utility, Eskom. And also enough of the ruling party, ANC’s carelessness. So today is a nationwide day of protests against the dwindling service and rising prices.

In Jo’burg the DA marched to the ruling ANC’s headquarters.
Speeches were shouted.
And more speeches. Fighting, political speeches …
Everybody’s kinda angry. Which is good I guess.
Interviews with more or less important peeps.

FYI: ANC, African National Congress is the ruling party, the party of Nelson Mandela. The original fighters. They are tired fat cats nowadays and only concerned with getting all the old comrades into positions of power and money. Actually governing the country and doing their job isn’t that important. 😦

DA, the Democratic Alliance is the party of conservative white people, so we’re supposed to hate them, right? Strangely enough I can’t hate them as much as I’m supposed to. :/

Ok, everybody knows everything now?

Will the protests help? Haha. LOL, nope.

Just to let you know, I’m writing this post all battery powered since right now we’re in another blackout. 😦

This is our reality for between 4 and 6 hours, each and every fuxn day. 😮


    • Mhm. Yeah, right. Particularly now that EU countries +UK have decided not to buy cheap energy from Russia anymore, they can charge moon prices for the scarce little bits of gas and oil they can scrap together on the world markets. It’s the same Russian gas and oil, just went thru a lot of different hands and made more expensive than necessary. 😦

      I just watched a video about a small village in South Africa’s Limpopo province, where EU countries are buying huge amounts of coal for power generating. Many traffic accidents with speeding trucks and road trains, many dead people, all the funny stuff. Just becoz EUropeans can’t play nice. 😦 Hubby and me will need to fly to Germany in the next few weeks … we’re not looking forward to that trip. 😮

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