Hello, Manjaro?

In the process of downloading today’s fortnightly big huge fat Manjaro update and noticed something. Look:

Among thousand other new und updated files there is the new Linux kernel 6.1.7-1. Yippie. We like new shiny kernels, don’t we?
But then it dawns on me that I’m a slut but not a slouch and that I’ve installed 6.1.7-1 already like 2 weeks ago. See it?

Whatever, with the update me gotz all the newest and latest shit the Linux world has to offer, so I’m not complaining. Quite contrary to Ubuntu, Debian and most other static Linux distros, I can install Manjaro on the freshest hardware, with the lastest gen CPUs and GPUs and RAM modules and whathaveyou. And it will run without any problems!

Oké, gotta restart now. Cya laterz …

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