Stupid Orcsi Missed Her 16th Rezday! :o

Like so often in my – largely inactive – senior years on the grid I totally missed my pixel puppet’s rezday. It needed the true souls of LL to remind me of my age:

Who needs TP when you can have such nice cars?

Only the numbers for the last year. Not bad for an avie who’s really never online anymore. Lemme explain: I never liked to TP but always preferred to use more realistic modes of transportation. If I had to be somewhere on the connected grid I always choose a boat, car, or airship to go there. So in my younger days the difference between my TPs and normie’s TPs woulda been gigantic, not just 12. And I was logging in almost every day so my longest streaks were at least in the double digits.

Orca’s prefered way of transportation in RL and SL!

Nowadays I only log in once a weak or fortnight; mostly just to delete all the IMs and group notices. And I get antsy after, like, quarter an hour and can hardly wait to log off again. 😦

Orca patroling over Sansara’s Sea of Fables, ca 2007 – 2009

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