At the Car Wash

… the car wash, yeah! 😉

With the new hi top many places are tight fits or even completely inaccessible for Ouby and me. 😐
This frenly vehicle valet place fit Ouby just so. Manager said he’ll squeezes us in. 😉
For rubbing Ouby dry that guy asked me to pull him out into the sun.

Yes, I know, seeing manual labour at the car wash looks pretty exotic for us Euro/Americans. But you must know workers are very cheap here … and every time some petrol station tries to install an automatic machine, they’ll find that thing vandalized pretty soon. Car wash is a mafia bizniz hereabouts. 😦


    • Yeah, right. You won’t believe how cheap this thing actually was to buy. 866 US$. By now the value has at least quadrupled tho. And slowly it’s turning into a piece of automotive art.

      BTW pimps wouldn’t paint their wagons like joyful ice cream trucks but black or deep purple. Also the first few generations of the Transit never made landfall in America but kept their sophisticated British charme.


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