1. True Neo-Nazis’ (like Orca & Putin) Wurstes nightmare: “‘Putin is crazy’: China ‘thinks Russia is going to fail in Ukraine and will emerge from the conflict a minor power'”

    True Neo-Nazis’ (like Orca & Putin) second Wurstes nightmare: “Putin is suffering a series of setbacks in Ukraine – and to make matters worse, Iran is reportedly slowing down its delivery of drones to Russian soldiers on the front line.”

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    • Orca, calling the waiter: “See that Karmi over there? Please don’t give me what he had. Don’t need such a bad trip.”


      • Just fyi: Putin himself is, contrary to Zelensky, a rather hands-off leader and leaves all the military stuff to the military people. The fight for Bakhmut is now almost exclusively done by “the musicians”, the Chechens and Donbass militias. Russian military delivers artillery support and payroll. They are mostly only good for accidently giving out their locations via smartphone apps, calling missile attacks on themselves and getting killed consequently. 😦 So now more clever people are doing the streetfights.


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