Oubaas Daycare, Day 1

Today after gym I rolled up at Koos’ garage for the next small step of Oubaas therapy. As you know he’s an outpatient by now, so today was just a quick fix:

Applying masking tape.
A critical peek …
… and then RAL 5015, sky blue, gets prepared.
Spritz spritz …
Finito! … for today. 😐
Meanwhile in the rear we get a lightshow!
Ooops! Another hole in the bucket. 😮
At least it’s centered. Pheew. 😉
Some electronic wizardry …
… and old Ouby has a brand new brake light! Like one of those modern Asian cars or sumfink. Cool, eh?

Next piece of the puzzle: Tomorrow he’ll get new new blinkers.

BTW, we checked Oubaas’ total height today: 228cm, so he should fit into most parkades. Will test it out later tonight at the local mall when it’s empty and nobody can see me failing. 😉

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