Lucy, you OK?

This news from German television just popped up in my reading list:

Don’t wanna jump to conclusions but every time the fascist right wing rears its ugly head somewhere in the world we kinda know who’s behind it, don’t we? I just hope our very own comrade, sailing RD and blog co-hostess LucyInTheSky Afarensis is far removed from the unholy crusade. I know she lives in Sao Paulo, not Brasilia but we’re still concerned, are we not?

Now I found more news:

Never believe in Deutsche Welle, they are Washington’s puppets.
WaPo is enemy propaganda, but they are staying remarkably neutral right now.

And first YT vids are coming in …

“When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is not safe to be smart” ~ Asimov


  1. I’m in rage, ashamed and sad but otherwise fine 😉

    Those animals destroyed much, and as good Bolsonaro’s followers, they were especially against against art.

    “Bailarinas” from Brecheret was stolen and recovered later;

    “O Flautista” from Bruno Giorgi, destroyed;

    This clock was a gift from the French court to the Portuguese court, D. João birng it with him to Brazil when was Regent of Portugal. There were 2 clocks of this type: one in Versailles and this one…

    “Mulatas”, from Brecheret, ripped by knife.

    And many others.

    But 1,300+ of them are already in jail and hopefully many others will follow, especially those who maintained them with money and other things. On Friday it was known already that there were more than 100 buses contracted to take “Bolsominios” to Brasília… So there was also a serious failure of those responsible in Federal and local Police…

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  2. I can understand them for not doing their job. I mean … COCONUT WATER!!! Let me repeat that: Cocofuckingnut water! Who could say no to that? Who would go back to work when they have coconut water to drink??? I guess it’s the bestest drinkie ever and have it all the time! I enjoy it pure, without added fruit and still, non-sparkly.

    People, let’s forget Bolsonazis for a moment and instead exchange our favouritest coconut drink recipes, ok?

    BTW, glad you got away unharmed, Lucy.

    The whole thing with the hired busses reminds me on the Crimea referendum 2014: Ukro gvt. provided a whole bunch of extra trains to transport hordes of nazi hooligans to Crimea and stop the people from casting their votes. When they heard about Russian marines leaving the barracks to protect the civilians … they stopped the trains and sent them back to Kiev. What a glorious day that was. =^.^=

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