Africa Baffles the Scientists

This article is already a year old …

While most European govts are still trying to explain the expensive multi-year supply contracts they have with Phizer to their angry peoples, Africa went a different way: Denied any help or vaccine in large enough quantity, most people decided to just ride the pandemic out in a natural way, let it die. Hubby and me wore our masks religiously, kept social distance, sanitized and did everything in order to not get infected in the first place. And so did everybody else.

Kinda sane solution, no?

When we visit Germany the next time – probably in March ’23 – we still have to wear masks when riding public transport or checking in state owned buildings. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But for us Covid-19 is already ancient history.

The only areas of the world seeing mass disease and death are those pushing the โ€œvaccinesโ€

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