South Africa Today on 1 January 2023

So many white people, so little hunger and despair. This can’t be really Africa …

The next episode of our travel vlog is South Africa today, on 1 January 2023 (Happy New Year). Videos captured the last few days of different cities and towns across Southern Africa to showcase the weather conditions and activities across South Africa today and surrounding countries.

Today’s weather forecast indicates strong wind leading to difficulty in navigation at sea is expected between Dassen Island and Hermanus while the build-up of sand is possible on the False Bay coastal routes. High fire danger conditions are expected over most parts of the Namakwa district of the Northern Cape Province, western and south-western parts of Western Cape province. Hot and humid weather will result in extremely uncomfortable conditions over the West Coast district of the Western Cape (Credit: Vox Weather).

Just random video snippets by random people and animals of South Africa. Nice way to kick in the new year. Noticed that up north, Jo’burg and stuff, summer is the rainy season while here at the Cape life is a picnic. 🙂

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