Blog Test

… One Two … One Two …

Test test test test! One two three four.

Hmmm. Seems to work.

Mornin’ my lovelies!

Welcome in the new year. Y’all made it through the night okay? Ok, yes, headaches and other battle scars don’t count as not ok. You’ve earned them. Debauchery, drink, song, dance, bloody nose, missing teeth, rape, either passive or active?

Present me your severed noggin in a fridge or plastic bag – then, yes, you’re obvsly NOT OK. All the rest: C’mon it’s 1st of January. You somehow made it thru the night. Be happy and grateful you’re still breathin’, brat.

Fuxn killjoy. 😦

Deal with it! 31 Dec – 1 Jan is the one night per year where everything goes. When you read this take it as proof you made it thru and you’re still alive. Own it.


Back to bed now …


    • Future me just had a little test-drive. Situation is as follows: Summer season in full swing, and since it’s a holiday and a long weekend (in SA, when holidays fall on a Sunday the Monday will be off as well) roads and baches are overfilled, traffic is terrible, weather is terribly nice. Just another day in Africa’s playground.

      Globally nothing’s changed: Russkies are still whooping fascist @$$es, Western economy’s going down, the world at large takes a deep breathe.

      And as I just heard Linda is still alive by 12:38 p.m. Gud on you. 🙂

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    • Sammmmmmieeeeee!!!
      Long time no see, lovergurl, long time. Howz ya doing? And why waste xmas time in nord Hessen? Let me guess, Kassel or Fulda or thereabouts? The northern border of the American empire. Why o why? Whatcha doin in that sad corner of the planet?


    • It’s fuxn Jer-mon-ee!!! FFS! Of course you coulda said NO! You shoulda said NO! With exclamation mark! Friendship only goes so far. It stops with Germany. That’s a border you don’t wanna cross!
      Just remember what fugly creatures of the swampy marshlands spawned thereabouts: And Orca isn’t even the wurst of Germany, go figger. 😦


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