The Last Haul

… of 2022.

First getting groceries from Foodlovers Market, then having Oubaas’ windows cleaned. And then, after spending a small fortune filling up on petrol, off to China Town again, hitting the car parts store and having some windows tinted.

Second stop after getting foodstuff: Car valet service.
Doesn’t look like but he’s actually washing and cleaning my windscreen.
Only to be outdone by the window tinters, like 15 minutes later. 😐
They are also reapplying the orange tint we’re using for the hi top portholes.
Put portholes back in.
Ouby’s a good conversation piece. Bean-shaped bystander after having a look at the steering wheel “What Mercedes model is this?” Me: “A Mercedes Ford!”

That was not just the last haul for this year but also my last post!

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, One and All!

Hope to write to you again next year/tomorrow. 😉


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