The Natives Are Restless Again

Fukn fire in the local township. 😦 Just earlier this morning. Looks like they’re burning tyres. I told Koos he must find a new location for his garage; where he is now he can’t stay. Nobody knows exactly why but our dark-skinned co-Capetonians have a fondness of burning stuff. Be it bus stops, sensitive biospheres, shops, stores, public buses, rival taxis, their own shanty huts, their kids and grandmas … everything that can burn will be burned. Sooner rather than later. 😦

Wait a minute! Why are we saying natives? The local black population consists to 90% of Xhosa, a Bantu people which arrived at the Cape at roundabout the same time as the Brits, so during the Anglo/Boer war. They were driven here on the run from the Zulu, a far stronger and better organized nation with a military structure. Nowadays the Xhosa are living predominantly in the Eastern Cape province, while the Zulu found their homebase in KwaZulu Natal. They are still the dominant people in South Africa. However, none of them are native to South Africa.

And particularly the residents of DuNoon arrived here years after hubby and me moved to the ‘burbs in order to get away from the crime and chaos. 😐 I can still remember the first handful of corrugated iron huts being erected in the middle of the savannah. Today it’s a sprawling sub-suburb. At least 50,000 hungry peeps with no jobs. 😦

Namibia seems like a better and better alternative to move to. 😉


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