These are the Linux Distros You’re Using

Okayokay, these are just the numbers the organizers of a certain Linux conference in Germany got when they asked the attendees what they were using. I bet peeps in America or France, Italy, Argentina or Spain … or India would come up with a different collection of distros. Also, let’s not forget Hauke is one of the organizers and makes this YouTube channel. And he’s a propagator of Linux Mint.

So the attendees of the Tux Tage 2022, naturally a rather geeky crowd, are using …

5: Ubuntu 6%

4: Manjaro 9%

3: Debian 10%

2: openSUSE 13%

1: Mint 31%

You notice the DistroWatch #1, MX Linux didn’t make the cut, isn’t even close. The pretty uncomfy base Debian is the geeks’ choice. Endeavour and Pop!_OS didn’t make it into the Top 5 neither. See, even the geeks and experts prefer simple to use systems as their daily riders. Although not Pop eezee-peezee. We’re not in kindergarten! 😐

And all the 2 or 3 Germanic readers may now watch the accompanying video:

Diese Linux Distributionen nutzt Ihr! – Top 5 Linux Distributionen.

Just saying, when you decide for Mint you can’t basically ever go wrong. Why I don’t use it is a personal decision, a question of taste, not necessarily of function.

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